Comar to unveil AccuCup, new company branding at Pharmapack North America

Matt Sanderson

November 19, 2015

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Comar to unveil AccuCup, new company branding at Pharmapack North America

Comar LLC will be unveiling its latest products and new branding at Pharmapack North America in New York on June 9-10 following its merger with Convergence Packaging last October. It will be located at booth 4105.

Comar’s latest products to be on display or discussed are its new AccuCup printed dosage cups, Child-Resistant closures, and vitamin packer bottles, which came with its merger with Convergence Packaging in October 2014.

“We’ll share some new packaging products in development,” said LouAnn Evans, director of marketing, tells PMP News. “Comar has a versatile line of child safe packaging products. And we will be unveiling a new product that will be for adult OTC liquid medications. It makes it easier for the end user to use all while reducing the number of components, and therefore the complexity for the fillers.”

Comar is a specialty packaging and dispensing provider with a reputation for developing innovative, industry-compliant packaging solutions for the health and wellness, among other markets. Since the merger, it has given Comar a “much stronger presence in the health and wellness market,” says Evans. 

“So in addition to the many OTC packaging solutions that Comar has exhibited in the past, we will also have a pretty broad array of products from our nutritional business,” she said. “We will also have other products in stages of development. They will be around solid and liquid dose dispensing.”

In addition to Comar’s Pharmapack North America exhibit, its R&D Manager Dave Manera will speak on a morning panel on packaging technologies for driving patient adherence, convenience, and safety, while Comar CEO Mike Ruggieri will join a panel afterward on whether patient-friendly child-resistant packaging is possible. 

Evans said Comar has been a member of the work group for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s PROTECT Initiative since its inception, which is a collaboration, including a partnership with CPSC, aimed to keep children safe from unintentional medication overdoses.

“So the PROTECT Initiative first started focusing on children’s pediatrics and advanced to adult liquid medication on the OTC side and now there’s PROTECT-Rx underway,” Evans said. “So we’re seeing lot of support from other organizations like the National Council for Prescription Drug Practitioners. They’ve taken a vested interest in more accurate dosing, so we’ve been developing new products.”

“Comar is the market leader of oral syringes on the OTC side of business in North America,” Evans adds, “So what we’re seeing is a push toward standardization of measuring units being used, so we’re seeing a shift from teaspoon to milliliters. We’re right there because we have significant capabilities to customize our oral syringes.”

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