FDA updates sunscreen packaging regulations

March 11, 2015

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FDA updates sunscreen packaging regulations
FDA updates sunscreen label regulations


FDA updates sunscreen label regulations

Sweatproof, sunblock, all-day protection: the sunscreen experts at Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, and their Bulk Sunscreen online store, are determined to separate sunscreen fact from fiction, in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s newest sunscreen packaging regulations. RMSunscreen.com is proud to report that the company has refrained from using ambiguous terms, like "all-day protection" from its packaging, and publishes only the facts on its packaging.

The FDA's new regulations are designed to make sunscreen shopping easier to understand. They restrict companies from using often misleading terms on their sunscreen packaging - words like "waterproof," "instant protection," "sunblock," "all day protection," and "sweatproof." In addition to removing these ambiguous terms, sunscreen companies must include a drug facts box specifically outlining that sunscreen should be re-applied every two hours.


Lydia Velazquez, PharmD, in the FDA's Division of Nonprescription Regulation Development, explains why the new sunscreen packaging labels are so critical for consumers.


"This new information will help consumers know which products offer the best protection from the harmful rays of the sun...It is important for consumers to read the entire label, both front and back, in order to choose the appropriate sunscreen for their needs," says Velazquez in an FDA.gov article.


The regulations further stipulate several additions that companies must put into effect. For instance, if a sunscreen claims it provides "broad spectrum" protection, the product must have been successfully evaluated by the FDA to be FDA-certified to protect against UVA radiation. Should a sunscreen indeed be "broad spectrum," the packaging may also then state that "this sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun."


Wondering how long that water resistant sunscreen actually repels water for? The FDA's regulations make it mandatory to now include a number stating that the sunscreen will provide either 40 or 80 minutes of water resistant protection.


David Erickson, owner of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, explains his company's commitment to clear sunscreen packaging and promotion.


"With UV rays harsher than they have ever been before, sunscreen isn't to be taken lightly. We've always had a commitment to ensuring our sunscreen packaging and promotional materials are as clear as possible for our customers, and we are applauding the FDA's new sunscreen regulations," he says.


Source: Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

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