Fresenius Kabi Expands Reach of RFID-Tagged Meds

The global health care company’s +RFID medications are now fully compatible with AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray solution.

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June 20, 2022

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Fresenius Kabi announced in a recent press release that AmerisourceBergen joins IntelliGuard and Healthcare Logistics in its compatibility with Fresenius Kabi +RFID products that use GS1’s Electronic Product Code (EPC) Tag Data Standard, which can help achieve interoperability, enhanced patient safety, and supply chain visibility for health care.

Fresenius Kabi’s +RFID portfolio of radio frequency tagged medications are now compatible with the medication tray solution from AmerisourceBergen, a global health care company and one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the United States. AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray solution is designed to help hospitals improve medication inventory visibility and tracking using advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

This builds on the company’s earlier actions of adding smart labels to meds. In September 2020, Fresenius Kabi began adding radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to a portfolio of essential medications so hospitals can better identify, locate, and manage their inventory. The automated technology replaces the current manual method, which is time consuming and fraught with the potential for errors. The track-and-trace technology complies with open GS1 global standards and adds an extra layer of patient safety by protecting drug inventories.

“There is tremendous value in embracing technology advancements such as RFID in health care,” says Angie Lindsey, vice president of Marketing at Fresenius Kabi USA. “RFID technology allows hospitals to better store and track medications, and that’s important for patient safety. Our portfolio of +RFID medicines leverages the power of data to also help reduce the risk of manual data entry errors. The compatibility between our medications and AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray solution is an important step in continuing to streamline the management of medication throughout the hospital.” 

Fresenius Kabi +RFID medications feature a high-performance RAIN RFID tag embedded in the label that contains relevant data hospitals rely on to immediately identify, locate, and manage their inventory. Necessary product information, including the NDC code, expiration date, lot number and serial number, is accessible from the tag, which can now be read by AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray solution. AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray technology is an automated solution for kit and tray inventory management which minimizes complexity by tracking dispensed products, flagging expiration dates, and locating products in the event of a recall.

“AmerisourceBergen commends Fresenius Kabi for supporting the RAIN RFID technology and sharing our vision to increase the utilization of RFID technology in the health care industry by removing barriers to adoption. That is why we designed our system to read any RAIN RFID tags, whether originating from AmerisourceBergen, a manufacturer or another solution provider,” says Dustin Roller, vice president of Innovation Product Development at AmerisourceBergen. “The compatibility between our medication tray solution and Fresenius Kabi +RFID products demonstrates our shared commitment to this vision, which will allow health care providers to put their energy toward improving patient care.”

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