Gummy-Vitamin Packaging System Is Fast and Hygienic

Spee-Dee’s packaging system, which integrates checkweighing and rotary filling, offers high-speed, hygienic, reliable filling.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

March 7, 2022

Packagers of gummy vitamins require equipment that can accurately weigh and fill the product while preventing contamination. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery has developed an integrated solution that addresses these needs and can operate at high speeds.

The company reports that one installation of its rotary gummy system has achieved a line speed of 180 bottles per minute. In that operation, each bottle is filled with 45 gummies.

Spee-Dee’s complete gummy packaging system incorporates checkweighing and rotary filling, and it is compatible with various multihead weighers. The video above shows the system in action.

As the first step, product moves from a bulk-feed conveyor to a vibratory-feed conveyor. From there, a bucket elevator transports the gummies to a high-speed multihead weigher.

As gummies stream from the weigher to the filler, Spee-Dee’s patented segmented carousel assembly enables fast, accurate filling. The system gently discharges the product into the rotary filler, which features a streaming system that eliminates bottlenecks.

The filler can be customized for different gummy shapes/sizes and containers using easy-to-change funnels and container adapters. The bottles engage with the adapters, assuring correct filling, and then disengage from the adapters after filling.

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