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New Labeler Anticipates Mega-Production of COVID-19 Vaccine

Photo supplied by WLS WLS-VR-72-Close-up-featured.jpg
This continuous-motion VR-72 labeler is named for its 72 Vertical Rollers, which help ensure precise label application.
Once vaccines for the COVID-19 virus are approved, the race to market will be hectic. Pharmaceutical companies need to prepare in advance for the upcoming automation requirements of manufacturing and packaging.

Accurate labeling in any market is critical, and especially so for healthcare products. But high speed and reliable output must match the market need for future COVID-19 vaccines.

Enter the new VR-72 pressure-sensitive labeler from Weiler Labeling Systems (WLS), part of ProMach Pharma Solutions. The servo-driven system applies wraparound paper or film labels to cylindrical containers at speeds of 600+ per minute, making it one of the highest capacity vial labelers available, according to the company. Specs for the system cite speeds as high as 1,000 containers per minute.

Speed of machine delivery has also been considered. Philippe Maraval, WLS vice president of business development, says, “We’ve fast-tracked production of these machines to offer expedited deliveries. Plus, we provide global customer support from our headquarters in the U.S. and ProMach facilities in Europe.”

What does “expedited” mean? WLS can ship standard systems in 26 weeks, down from the typical 36.

According to the company, the breakthrough vertical roller track design references the container sidewall for consistent and precise label application. The continuous-motion machine uses a vacuum drum label dispenser — rather than the typical wrapping belt — to hold containers at three contact points during application to minimize label skew.

Compliance with the pharma critical 21 CFR Part 11 regulation is available as an option. It’s not a standard feature because the VR-72 is sold into other markets, too.

The VR-72 will be featured at the 2020 Pack Expo Connects virtual show (Nov. 9-13) on the WLS exhibitor page.

Photo supplied by WLSWLS-VR-72-Full-View-web.jpg

The in-line labeler is built on a modular platform, which helps make the no-tool changeovers quick and easy.

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