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New packaging helps healthcare workers better identify therapeutic wound dressingsNew packaging helps healthcare workers better identify therapeutic wound dressings

Linda Casey

March 11, 2015

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New packaging helps healthcare workers better identify therapeutic wound dressings

Redesigned packaging for Aquacel and other wound dressings helps healthcare workers identify the right product for patients instantly and then be able to open and apply the dressing quickly. Input from healthcare professionals was used in creating a new color coding for the products’ packaging so that they can be easily identified from even the side of the packages, says ConvaTec, which introduced the packaging changes.

Simplified packaging options provide increased ease-of-use, including clearer product  identification, application instructions, and expanded use of recyclable materials for several wound dressing products, including Aquacel, Aquacel Ag, Versiva XC, Kaltostat and CarboFlex dressings. The packaging improvements are designed to help healthcare professionals identify the right products quickly and then open and apply them with improved speed and ease. The redesigned packaging also incorporates lighter-weight materials and more elements that can be recycled.  

External packaging changes include new color coding designed to help healthcare professionals instantly identify the specific dressing they need from either the front or side panel of the package. Brand and product size information are now also clearly indicated on the package front and side panels, and sterile inner packaging for some products provides step-by-step product application instructions. The inner pouch for Versiva® XC® Dressing also includes larger flaps, making it easier to open.

“We are always seeking input from our customers and key wound care leaders. These changes in packaging for our wound dressings were developed based on this information from many leaders who mentioned that they want to be able to quickly identify and access the products they need,” says Kevin Leach, Marketing Director, ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics. “With easy-to-follow application instructions and new color coding to differentiate, the improvements in the packaging for our most popular dressings will help to make it easier than ever for wound care teams to deliver the appropriate care their patients need.”

In addition to changes designed to support wound care teams, packaging for these dressings has been re-engineered to include lighter packing materials and more elements that can be recycled.  These changes can help more hospitals meet the growing demand to reduce waste and identify new opportunities for recycling in healthcare.

“Increasingly our customers are informing us that they need to reduce waste. Our new packaging is a win-win for hospitals and for healthcare workers because they are now easier to identify and use while also using less packaging material and including more recyclable content,” Leach adds.


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