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New sprayer for topical anesthetic brings comfort to patient and to healthcare pro



Gebauers actuator

To enhance the delivery of its Ethyl Chloride topical anesthetic skin refrigerant, the Gebauer Co. has launched the Accu-Stream 360 with Sure Lock Technology using 45mm slim containers from Crown Aerosol Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc., aerosol valves from Aptar Cary, a business unit of Aptargroup Inc., and actuators designed jointly by Gebauer Co. and Venture Plastics Inc. and manufactured by Venture Plastics Inc.

Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride Accu-Stream 360 products feature new actuator technology, which allows clinicians to spray product from any angle, upright and inverted. The addition of the Sure Lock Technology on the actuator prevents accidental dispensing during storage, shipping or periods of non-use at the doctor's office.


The slim design of Crown's 45mm aerosol container further eases dispensing because it is easy to grip and maneuver. 

"The Accu-Stream 360 is the next generation of innovation for the can version of our flagship product, so introducing packaging that not only modernized its look, but enhanced functionality, was critical," says Brian Baker, product development engineer for the Gebauer Co. "We have always sold our Ethyl Chloride in aerosol containers because they offer the best delivery option. Hence, with this technology, we wanted a sleek product profile and unique actuator profile that allows for easier application by clinicians and requires less adjusting of the patient. This ultimately results in a more comfortable and efficient experience for both parties. Our unique actuator design, partnering with Venture Plastics, and Crown's packaging all helped us to achieve that goal and to allow clinicians to treat the product as an extension of their hand while focusing on the patient in front of them, rather than on operating the product."



Gebauers actuator in use

"We are pleased to have been able to partner with Gebauer Co. and help them bring this innovative product to the market," comments Brad Dahlgren, vp, sales and marketing, Crown Aerosol Packaging North America. "The medical device field is both demanding and highly focused on product quality, and we have worked closely together to ensure we met the precise specifications for the industry."

Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride Accu-Stream 360 with Sure Lock Technology, available in Medium Stream and Fine Stream sprays, is sold directly to licensed healthcare practitioners and can be prescribed to patients.


Source: Crown Holdings Inc.


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