Novartis Diovan pack wins HCPC Compliance Package of the Year award

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Novartis Diovan pack wins HCPC Compliance Package of the Year award


Novartis Diovan pack wins HCPC Compliance Package of the Year award

Novartis Diovan HCT has been awarded the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council's (HCPC) prestigious Compliance Package of the Year award. The honor was given in recognition of a package created for Novartis Diovan HCT, which is fulfilled by contract packager Anderson using MWV's unique adherence-promoting Shellpak packaging design. Diovan is the leading, branded anti-hypertensive on the market today.


MWV's Shellpak delivers patient medication safely, accurately and in single controlled doses. Novartis fully used the large flat label space that Shellpak provides to include an extended content label, educating patients about the importance of adhering to their dosing regimen, how the package can help patients remember to take their medication, and where to go for additional resources. This label, combined with the multi-color printed calendar on the Shellpak blister, improves patient understanding of therapy, which can ultimately lead to better health.


"Being named HCPC's Compliance Package of the Year is an important validation of the work we've undertaken to design packaging that enhances patient adherence and delivers benefits to the entire healthcare value chain," says  Dr. Ted Lithgow, chief science officer and president, MWV Healthcare. "Through innovative pharmaceutical packaging breakthroughs like Shellpak, we are helping pharmaceutical companies deliver their medicines to patients cost effectively, accurately and as intended by the patient's physician."


"The Diovan HCT design is a great collaboration between the teams at Novartis, MWV and Anderson. The package is well thought out, facilitating patient compliance and adherence, supporting patient education and regulatory requirements, while at the same time creating a convenient format for the end user," says Justin Schroeder, senior director of marketing & development services, Anderson Packaging. "It's a good example of how to deliver a well planned and effective package to the patient."


Source: MWV


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