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Packaging Machinery Software Prioritizes User Experience

Article-Packaging Machinery Software Prioritizes User Experience

Image courtesy of Uhlmann Pexcite_Team_Development_1-ftd.jpg
Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, Pexcite provides a seamless digital solution along the entire value chain.

When Uhlmann Pac-Systeme conceptualized the architecture and interface for its packaging machinery software platform Pexcite, the company had a singular goal: to give users the ability to operate the interface confidently, intuitively, and quickly in their day-to-day work.

The software solution, which was launched in 2021, has succeeded in meeting that goal. Pexcite is currently used on more than 30 production lines and gives users the aesthetics and ease of use that they are accustomed to when performing routine digital activities.

Image courtesy of UhlmannPexcite_Team-web.jpg

In November 2022, Pexcite received the Red Dot jury award for its outstanding user experience (UX) for a digital solution.


Uniting disparate systems.

Instead of having multiple systems, the open software platform offers a uniform operating concept along the entire value chain, giving users in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries the ability to link machines, production equipment, and applications from any manufacturer. It is this agnostic design that allows the software to be used for different manufacturers and machines with varying requirements.

The industry’s regulatory requirements proved challenging for the UX development team; however, the company was able to incorporate these into a streamlined, intuitive user interface without sacrificing usability.


Multitasking simplified.

Pexcite has the capability to collect, collate, display, and analyze data and information from all areas of the production and packaging process. Depending on the requirements, it can be used to perform various tasks:

Track and trace — Provides comprehensive security against forgery, as well as product safety and process reliability, ensuring product integrity and patient safety.

Tool management — Reduces manual format complexity and increases productivity with scalable planning. By organizing the changeover of format parts digitally, the user has every single format tool in the right place at the right time.

Supervisory control — Provides full control of production through central overview and management. The centralization, planning, and execution of every relevant batch process makes it possible to reduce the process complexity and increase productivity.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring — Enables the user to visualize and monitor the key parameter OEE at any time for sustainable production efficiency improvements. The OEE Live Dashboard gives the user a holistic insight into the overall equipment effectiveness of all machines in the line.

Image courtesy of UhlmannPexcite_Team_Development_2-web.jpg

Pexcite can be used on any digital device involved in the production process, including desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.

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