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Product of the Day - Control systems for packaging lines

Posted by Jack Mans

March 11, 2015

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Product of the Day - Control systems for packaging lines
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QComp Technologies provides robotic pick, pack and palletize solutions that will incorp299423-E_QComp_jpg.jpg

E - QComp .jpg

orate your end of line packaging requirements. QComp can provide a one stop source for your case erecting, packing, sealing, conveying, weighing, labeling, palletizing, and stretch wrapping needs.


QComp maintains a large assembly facility for the sole purpose of setting up and testing complete solutions on our floor for customer approval and training prior to shipping to the customer site. The QComp process helps minimize production interference while reducing installation costs. The systems include PC or PLC based controls; integrated HMI operator interfaces, trending and recipes; (SCADA) supervisory controls and data acquisition; (OEE) overall equipment effectiveness and vision systems (inspection or identification).



QComp Technologies, 920-757-0775, www.qcomptech.com 

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