TekniPlex Healthcare Debuts World’s First Transparent Recyclable Mid-Barrier Blister Pack

The packaging, which pairs a polyolefin blister film with barrier polypropylene lidding film, will be introduced at Pack Expo in Chicago.

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October 11, 2022

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transparent recyclable mid-barrier blister pack
Image courtesy of TekniPlex Healthcare

What is being billed as the world’s first fully transparent recyclable mid-barrier blister pack will debut at Pack Expo in Chicago next week. TekniPlex Healthcare will showcase the packaging, which includes barrier protection against moisture, at booth W-13043 at the event, which runs from Oct. 23 to 26.

The packaging pairs a polyolefin blister film with barrier polypropylene (PP) lidding film. It is recyclable in geographies where the #5 (PP) recycling stream is available. This marks the first time a formed blister and lidding combination is certified as recyclable, according to TekniPlex Healthcare, which calls it a significant milestone in the evolving push to make healthcare packaging more sustainable.

From a manufacturing standpoint, initial machinability analyses have been positive; large-scale tests are scheduled for the near future.

At the show, TekniPlex Healthcare also will premiere a fully recyclable polyester mono-material blister and lidding combination, suitable for products that do not require barrier protection.

“The ability to make transparent barrier blister packages recyclable is a crucial step toward healthcare material circularity, one in which technical challenges needed to be overcome with extensive research, trials, and dedication,” said Chris Qualters, TekniPlex Healthcare CEO. “We are exceptionally proud to be the first materials science company capable of meeting this longstanding market need, and we look forward to showcasing the new blister packages at Pack Expo.”

TekniPlex Healthcare is also launching a lower-weight reinforced coated paper for medical device protection at Pack Expo. The proprietary coating formulations and application technology result in rolls that can meet demanding performance and sterilization requirements. The reinforced coated papers are suitable for packaging syringes; IV tubing; catheters; airway filters; gauzes, sponges and bandages; and devices sterilized by EtO and radiation. The slimmed-down product has already received its first commercial order from a prominent manufacturer of swab sticks, announced TekniPlex Healthcare.

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