EPA developing new regulations for several industries

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January 29, 2014

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EPA developing new regulations for several industries

Targeted News Service -- February 8, 2011
WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 -- The American Legislative Exchange Council issued the following news release:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing new, command-and-control regulations on everything from greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries to the chemicals in plastic bottles (including over 30 major regulations and more than 170 major policy rules). To help state legislators sort through this web of bureaucratic regulations and develop legislative strategies to slow and stop the Agency's onslaught, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today announced the release of its latest publication - EPA's Regulatory Train Wreck: Strategies for State Legislators.

"As Congress rightfully reviews EPA's proposals and activities, now is a critical time for state legislators to voice their opinion on this regulatory barrage trampling state sovereignty. EPA's overzealous goals will damage American competitiveness and economic recovery," said Clint Woods, ALEC's Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Director.
EPA's Regulatory Train Wreck outlines the costs of major EPA regulations for consumers and businesses, tells the true story of America's modern clean air and water successes, and outlines best practices for state legislators.

The report also highlights one small subsection of this emerging regime – the Agency's attack on the use of fossil fuels, and particularly coal, for electric generation and other commercial and manufacturing processes - to illustrate the broader issues resulting from this agenda. "Even a small number of these rules could cost hundreds of billions of dollars and force the retirement of up to one-third of coal-fired power plants in the U.S., raising electricity costs for tens of millions of households," explains Woods, the editor of the report.

EPA's Regulatory Train Wreck encourages states to consider resolutions calling on the U.S. Congress to: prohibit EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions; impose a moratorium on costly new air quality rules for at least two years; and require the Administration to conduct a multiagency study on the cumulative economic impacts of these regulations. The report also explores more than 15 pieces of ALEC model legislation related to regulatory review and state environmental sovereignty, contains a glossary of Clean Air Act terminology, and includes responses from state environmental agencies to the heavy-handed approach of EPA.

To download a free copy of EPA's Regulatory Train Wreck: Strategies for State Legislators, please visit www.regulatorytrainwreck.com or www.alec.org/EPATrainWreck.

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