Hybrid robot palletizer 3135

January 29, 2014

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Hybrid robot palletizer

157907-toptier_robotier_v2.jpgTopTier’s new line of RoboTier palletizers integrates a Fanuc M-710 for pick and place operations onto their standard layer conditioning apron. RoboTier supports product from the bottom, allowing high speed robot motion and advanced handling security. Loose spread placement on the apron also increases robot speed and accommodates greater variability of product inconsistencies. Once a layer is completed, four-sided clamping centers the layer on the pallet, preparing the load for optional concurrent stretch wrapping. CAPE PACK load building software installed on the HMI allows for easy creation of new patterns without PLC or robot programming. The new RoboTier models combine the best characteristics of robots with the ease of touchscreen programming and control.

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