Robot software: Product of the Day

Kari Embree

March 11, 2015

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Robot software: Product of the Day

The Robot Studio Picking PowerPac from ABB Robotics pairs together two of its software technologies—the RobotStudio and PickMaster 3—into one to help streamline the design and programming that can be quite intricate when it comes to robotic picking-and-packing systems.

Performance of picking lines is enhanced with the Picking PowerPac and system integrators and end users are able to easily design and develop picking simulations in the 3-D virtual world before having to run in the real world. This eliminates risk such as variations in the product inflow and prevents expensive mishaps that can potentially be made on the production line.

The Picking PowerPac allows users to design the product conveyors, pick and place locations, gripper functionality, description of each product to be handled, and configuration of all products and components included in the picking system. Upon completion, a fully functional picking cell simulation with accurate robot performance information is provided. The final RobotStudio model is then ready to be transferred directly to the robot controller for cell operation.

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