Robotic Palletizer Stacks Up at Arrowhead Mills Bakery

System easily handles different pallet patterns to create a highly secure unitized load.

Bob Sperber, Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME

October 27, 2020

Arrowhead Mills, a trusted organic baking brand for more than 50 years takes its grains from farm to table with a little help from a friendly Fanuc robot integrated into this Staxx palletizer. See it in operation from this video posted by RōBEX, integrator and system builder of industrial, collaborative, and mobile robot solutions. This system is positioned as a cost-effective solution, being an off-the-shelf system that’s easily custom-adapted to a range of applications.


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Bob Sperber

Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME, Informa Markets - Engineering (IME)

Bob Sperber is a writer, editor, and content producer with more than three decades of experience on topics spanning engineering, manufacturing, and digital transformation. Areas of work span many aspects of physical and digital assets.

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