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January 29, 2014

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SCARA robots

The new SCARA design of the EPSON RS3 is intended to reduce cycle times and maximize work envelope usage. By designing the arm so that Joint 2 can go under Joint 1, the RS3 utilizes the entire workspace underneath the arm, says the company. There is no dead space as with other SCARA models, according to EPSON. This allows the RS3-351 model to work on pallets as large as 494mm x 494mm -- a size which normally requires a 700mm SCARA arm or larger. In addition, the company says the RS's unique design improves cycle time vs. other SCARA designs. The RS is also said to be able to move straight through the dead space to get to points vs. having to go around, reducing cycle time for many applications.

EPSON Robots; 562/290-5994.


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