First 1-L PET bottle for North American airlines

Jack Mans, Plant Operations Editor

January 30, 2014

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First 1-L PET bottle for North American airlines
First 1-L PET bottle for North American airlines



First 1-L PET bottle for North American airlines

Societe de Vin Internationale Ltd., based in Laval, Quebec, has introduced the first 1-L PET wine bottle for the North American airline industry.

The lightweight PET barrier container, which is supplied by Amcor Rigid Plastics (, gives cost-conscious airlines a high-quality option that mimics glass, while delivering reduced fuel consumption and a cost savings over its glass predecessor.

Air Transat charter airline in Montreal, one of Canada's largest charter airlines, adopted the use of the lightweight 1-L PET wine bottle for sustainability advantages, according to Aldo Geloso, an executive with Societe de Vin Internationale. "We introduced the concept, and they quickly came on board because of a vital need to reduce weight on their aircraft and consequently reduce fuel costs," explains Geloso.

Air Transat reports that the wine container has been well-received by air travellers and will be expanded into full service use, according to Geloso. The 54-g PET stock bottle, which is one-eighth the weight of the previous 430-g glass container, is used for Societe de Vin Internationale's 1-L Claret wine format. "At the end of the day, it's still the same high-quality wine product that is now easy to transport and very convenient for the consumer," says Geloso. 

The 1-L bottle uses unique barrier coating technology developed by Germany's KHS Plasmax GmbH ( The capsules are supplied by Brentacork Inc. ( and the labels by Guidotti Centro Stampa S.p.A. (

The KHS Plasmax silicon oxide (SiOx) barrier coating seals the container from the inside to protect the contents from oxidation. Plasmax is an FDA-compliant enhanced passive barrier for oxygen-sensitive products. This ultra thin (less than 100nm) material is transparent and resists cracking, abrasion and delamination.



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