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Malt-O-Meal campaigns against excess packaging by promoting its cereal in a bag


Through the new Bag The Box movement, Malt-O-Meal is out to change the way people think about their breakfast choices, and how products—such as cereal in a box—can affect the environment. For example, it takes 345 million pounds of paperboard to make a year's supply of cereal boxes—that's the weight of 734,747 jumbo jets.


To kick off the program, Malt-O-Meal has launched a website and blog devoted entirely to Bag The Box, where users can view fan-created videos and exchange ideas on sustainable packaging and green initiatives. With the site launch, Malt-O-Meal has also unveiled the new "Think Green" video that showcases why it claims bags are a smarter packaging solution. Among the information posted is:


• Each year the United States produces 2.3 billion cereal boxes—that's enough paperboard to build not one, but almost three great pyramids. 

• The manufacturing plants that make boxes generate as much particle air emissions as 31,000 city buses. 

• By not manufacturing cereal boxes, Malt-O-Meal has saved 1.1 trillion BTUs of energy since 2001—enough to light ten 100-watt bulbs for 36,000 years. 

• By packaging Malt-O-Meal cereals in re-sealable bags and eliminating the box, Malt-O-Meal has reduced the amount of packaging that consumers have to dispose of by 75 percent (as compared to cereals packaged in a box).


"As a company, Malt-O-Meal is always thinking about smarter and more efficient ways to produce great tasting cereal that is affordable, and lessens the impact on the environment," says Malt-O-Meal consumer marketing manager, Linda Fisher. "Consumers already purchase a variety of everyday products that are packaged in bags—so why not cereal? Our Bag The Box movement is all about encouraging consumers to not settle for over-packaged cereal, and to start making simple changes that are better for the earth."


For more information on Bag The Box, or to view the new "Think Green" video, visit


Source: Malt-O-Meal


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