PMMI announces finalists in 2010 PACK EXPO Selects competition

David Bellm

January 30, 2014

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PMMI announces finalists in 2010 PACK EXPO Selects competition

PACK EXPO producer PMMI has announced the 10 finalists in the 2010 PACK EXPO Selects competition. Finalist packages will be displayed in the Showcase of Packaging Innovation® sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company, at PACK EXPO International 2010 (McCormick Place, Chicago; Oct. 31–Nov. 3).

According to Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO of PMMI, the 10 finalist packages largely reflect a call to reduce waste. “Some of the finalist packages tout lighter weights as a way to reduce transportation needs, and therefore costs and emissions; others are reusable by consumers. One even provides a way for consumers to recycle their toothbrushes.”

The 5th Annual PACK EXPO Selects awards program recognizes innovative commercial packages developed, produced or executed exclusively by PACK EXPO exhibitors.

Online voting at opened this week, but PACK EXPO attendees can also cast their votes for their favorite finalists at on-site kiosk near the PACK EXPO Selects display. To vote, attendees must log in to their My PACK EXPO portals.

“The entries address a variety of challenges beyond sustainability-related issues, ranging from baby food to fast food,” says Yuska. “PMMI is looking forward to learning which finalists the PACK EXPO community finds most effective and innovative.”

2010 PACK EXPO Selects Finalists



Sprout Organic Baby Food

Submitted by Ampac Flexibles; Booth S-2919
This pouch reduces waste in manufacturing and transport of the finished product largely in terms of energy consumption — especially compared to traditional glass baby food jars. The lighter weight package means easier transportation and fewer emissions.


Handled bucket

IML “Handled Bucket” Line
Submitted by Airlite Plastics Co.; Booth E-8131
In-mold labeled, handled buckets for food/non-food products. Reusable and fully recyclable.


Kold to Go

KOLD-TO-GO Thermal Bags
Submitted by Coldkeepers, LLC; Booth E-9135
Integrates Coldkeepers’ patented three-ply technology for added performance, keeping products cold or hot for hours. This bag also prevents freezer burn.



McCormick Recipe Inspirations
Submitted by Tegrant Corp., Alloyd Brands;
Booth S-1566
This new, convenient package allows consumers never to have to guess again how much of one ingredient to use. All ingredients are pre-packaged for the chosen recipe.


CP 1.1

CP 1.1
Submitted by Clever Pack, co-exhibiting with INP; Booth E-8409
This is a new childproof cap that is 30 percent more sustainable than similar products because of its lighter, lower-cost and more practical design.



Reusable KFC Side Containers
Submitted by Anchor Packaging; Booth E-8234
These new containers have great heat resistance, allowing back-of-the-house modifications that increase speed of service while ensuring continued food safety. These packages are reusable, which is the highest form of sustainability. The patented venting feature allows moisture vapor to vent without increasing the risk of product contamination.



Preserve Toothbrush Mail
Submitted by Printpack; Booth N-4119
The first — and only — flexible package in the toothbrush market uses significantly less material than a traditional toothbrush package. With the reduction in materials comes less waste and lighter weight, which, in turn, result in improved shipping efficiencies. The most unusual aspect is that it has a second life as a postage-paid return mailer to encourage even more people to return their used toothbrushes for recycling.



Pet Food Packaging
Submitted by Stewart’s of America, Inc. Booth E-5419
The perforations on this package can be adjusted mechanically, in the web direction, and electronically, in the machine direction. To do this, the bag is put onto the line and “sucked” into place with the holes on the bottom of the package. The package can then be filled and closed at the top.



ZUN Energy Drink
Submitted by Printpack; Booth N-4119
The bottle for this brain-boosting energy is shaped like a rocket. Labeling challenges resulting from the curvature of the bottle (which tapers more than 75 percent at the top) are solved with a shrink sleeve.



Submitted by Ampac Flexibles; Booth S-2919
Vapur is a high quality, durable, reusable and flexible water bottle using a BPA- free laminated film structure. Vapur can be rolled, folded or flattened. This package requires 90 percent less space and uses less fuel to transport than rigid water bottles. This pouch is designed to be filled by a consumer rather than incurring the energy cost of shipping water in prefilled bottles.

PACK EXPO International is Oct. 31–Nov. 3, 2010, at Chicago’s McCormick Place. To Learn more about PMMI and the PACK EXPO trade shows at and



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