RFID inspection/verification system 3958

January 29, 2014

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RFID inspection/verification system


The new RFID inspection/verification system inspects RFID chips embedded in plastic bottles, which is one of the latest authentification techniques used by bottle makers to defeat counterfeiting. The inspection/verification system begins with a visual inspection of a bottle to determine its size and type. An RFID antenna then verifies the presence of the chip embedded in its base, writes information to it and then verifies its capability by reading the information. Bottles containing no chip or inactive chips are automatically rejected. The system conducts this verification at rates up to 240 bottles/min. RFID information enables pharmaceutical companies to instantly authenticate products on filling lines to ensure proper labeling. At later stages in the distribution chain, the chips also provide companies the opportunity to continuously monitor the authenticity of the product, to gather information about its travel and to write further information, if necessary.


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