Smarter Tequila Packaging Connects with Consumers using NFC

Otaca is the first spirits company to fully digitize packaging with near-field communication for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and consumer engagement.

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July 20, 2022

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Image courtesy of Otaca Tequila

Smart packaging is a smart choice for forward-thinking brands seeking to enable consumer engagement.

Which is why Otaca Tequila partnered with Identiv, a global digital security and identification provider for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

In October 2021, Identiv announced a collaboration with Otaca Tequila to expand smart packaging innovations with near field communication (NFC)-enabled authentication, transparency, customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

The tap-and-go NFC model incorporates Identiv’s experiential design into the packaging, inviting the brand’s loyal customers to engage, track, and authenticate their purchase. The bottles are powered by high-performing NTAG 210u NFC tags attached to the top of Otaca Tequila bottles.

On July 20, Identiv announced the successful completion of the pilot launch of the smart packaging with the spirits brand.  

Already with more than 5,000 bottles of tequila digitized during the pilot launch, Otaca plans to increase production with Identiv to an additional 50,000 bottles of Reposado tequila in the first quarter of 2023.

Otaca becomes the first spirits company to fully digitize its product offerings with NFC.

"From the proof of Otaca to pilot and now the upcoming production phase, our collaboration with OTACA has delivered significant results," says Amir Khoshniyati, VP and general manager, transponders, Identiv. "The market demand for Otaca continues to grow. Our NFC tags on Otaca Tequila bottles are propelling global sales by facilitating re-orders, while delivering unparalleled insights into consumer habits and behaviors.”


"Each purchased bottle maps a journey, inviting a digital touchpoint with product provenance and authentication upon every consumer NFC tag tap.”


"We have worked hard to create a highly personalized experience for our Otaca Tequila customers," says Anthony Accetta, CEO and founder, Otaca Tequila. "Each purchased bottle maps a journey, inviting a digital touchpoint with product provenance and authentication upon every consumer NFC tag tap. We're looking forward to further growth with Identiv, including plans to expand with Anejo.”

The NFC tag, combined with blockchain technology, strengthens the validity of the tequila's origins.

A true artisanal sipping spirit, OTACA Tequila has been recently recognized for multiple awards including 2022 Sip Awards Double Gold, 2021 Cigar and Spirits Magazine World Spirits competition, and 2022 Spirits Business Awards Gold, Tequila and Mezcal Masters category.

Identiv's NFC-enabled solutions feature a complete portfolio of tags and form factors allowing customers and partners of wine and spirits, high-end luxury goods, and sports jerseys to create their own NFC products, ecosystems, and experiences.

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