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SunnyD gets sales lift with new square bottle

SunnyD gets sales lift with new square bottle
SunnyD gallon


SunnyD gallonSunny Delight Beverages Co. (SDBC) has partnered with Product Ventures to redesign its iconic, round bottle. The result is a new, consumer-preferred, squared-up bottle which is easier to handle, pour and stores more easily in the refrigerator door.


The challenge was to enhance equity elements of SunnyD, while improving ergonomics and storability of the bottle. Additionally, the squared-up bottle improves SDBC's environmental footprint.

"An opportunity was uncovered to redesign the jug to solve the handling and pouring issues of the original bottle," says Product Ventures CEO Peter Clarke. "The new squared-up bottle improves the efficiency of manufacturing, provides structural solutions to the handling difficulties and highlights the iconic brand equities," explains Clarke. "As a packaging designer, I find it gratifying that SunnyD's new advertising focuses on the ‘easy to pour - easy to store' bottle, and places the packaging itself as the centerpiece of the campaign. This is an excellent example of the power of packaging and how it has become the true tangible ambassador of the brand."

"Both consumers and retailers prefer this new bottle since it is easier to pour, and fits in refrigerator doors and the shelves of stores," says Rick Zimmerman, SDBC's svp, marketing and innovation. "It's a big improvement for everyone: consumers, retailers and the company. For consumers, the larger handle and off-center spout make it easier to lift and then pour from the gallon—and it was designed to fit in the door of most refrigerators, as the top shelf is crowded space, and difficult for children to reach. For retailers, the new design enables them to fit an additional row on the shelf, reducing the number of times they need to re-stock. And the squared-up design has the label always facing forward, versus the previous round bottle's random facing label—so branding is enhanced. For SDBC, we have seen a volume increase in our gallon business from the new design."

Source: Product Ventures



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