Cryopak to show 2 new electronic temperature-recording devices at Pharmapack North America

Matt Sanderson

December 3, 2015

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Cryopak to show 2 new electronic temperature-recording devices at Pharmapack North America

Cryopak, manufacturer of thermal packaging solutions and temperature recorders for shipping, will be attending its first Pharmapack North America June 9-10 in New York. It will be primarily featuring its packaging testing laboratory in New Jersey, its testing services, and two new electronic temperature-recording devices: the K1 Electronic Temperature Indicator and the iMini USB PDF.

Cryopak will be located at booth 4321. 

Veronique Blostein, marketing support specialist, tells PMP News that show attendees will receive a broad overview of Cryopak’s products and services, including its ISTA-certified package design and testing laboratory. In addition, Cryopak will showcase the insulated packaging materials it manufactures for the transport of cold-chain products, along with its temperature-recording devices.

“We offer a wide range of testing services, including thermal package design and qualification, distribution, environmental conditioning, accelerated aging, package integrity, and package strength,” she says. “These tests are conducted under ISTA and ASTM standards.”

The K1 Electronic Temperature Indicator provides a more cost-effective and user-friendly way to know whether the product remained within the appropriate temperature range during transit, according to Blostein.

The iMini USB PDF records temperature data during shipping, analyzes it against a preprogrammed profile, and provides a comprehensive PDF report simply by plugging it into any computer USB port, says Blostein.

“No proprietary software of interface is required,” Blostein says.

Over the last year, Cryopak has focused on keeping up to date with industry services and standards and provide effective and cost-efficient systems for the healthcare products industry, she says.

“Our clients are always looking for experts within the industry, along with new and improved packaging materials,” she says. “As a company, Cryopak has dedicated our staff and company offerings toward being an industry leader.” 

The latest addition to the company is a new manufacturing location in Poway, CA, in the last year. Blostein says it will provide service of all the products currently being offered at other Cryopak locations.

“Cryopak has plans to continue the growth of the company through additional manufacturing and testing sites, new product offerings, and maintaining our reputation as an industry leader in the products and services required by the healthcare industry,” she says.

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