Glass packaging market expected to hit $34.8 billion in 2012

Posted by John Kalkowski

January 30, 2014

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Glass packaging market expected to hit $34.8 billion in 2012



High growth regions grouped under acronyms such as BRIC's or CIVET's (Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey) are experiencing rapid increase in disposable income which translates into higher consumer spending in cosmetics, food and beverage sectors. Similarly, changing demographics of the world population and population ageing is likely to impact the glass packaging industry in terms of design, consuming habits and should drive growth especially in the glass healthcare packaging market. Visiongain calculates the global glass packaging market to be worth $34.8bn in 2012.

However, the glass packaging market still suffers from competition of plastic and paper packaging which capture most of the growth in the global packaging industry. Nonetheless, the premium image of glass and its natural characteristics, should allow glass to retain market share in high end products and benefit from solid growth in spirits, wine and beer consumption.


Technology is at the core of the competition among materials and new production techniques will significantly improve the competitiveness of glass in the packaging market. Among them, tempered glass and new light weighting appears to be a major breakthrough in the industry and is discussed extensively in this report. Other sources of growth for the industry discussed in this report includes: food and safety issues, increasing demand in healthy and organic food but also of ethnic food, the rising importance of recyclable eco-friendly material, population ageing, increasing alcoholic beverage consumption in emerging markets and rising cosmetic sales in emerging markets.


The Glass Packaging Market 2012-2022 report contains:

• 116 charts table and figures that quantify analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the glass packaging market with submarkets analysis.
• Analysis and forecasting informed by extensive consultation with expert opinion from key-opinion leaders in the glass packaging market. 3 exclusive interview transcripts are included in the report.
• Forecasts for the global glass packaging market, together with the leading 11 national markets and 4 consumer sub-markets, from 2012 to 2022
• In-depth analyses of glass packaging, its usage and applications.
• SWOT analysis of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats facing the market
• PEST examination of the external political, economical, sociological and technological developments that affect the glass packaging market.


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