Pharmapack North America to showcase CurTec’s sustainable XL nestable drum

Matt Sanderson

December 3, 2015

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Pharmapack North America to showcase CurTec’s sustainable XL nestable drum

Stop by Curtec’s booth (4155) at Pharmapack North America to view the latest in its line of high-performance plastic bulk containers and drums, specifically its new XL Nestable Drums, aimed for safe and secure storage and shipment of valuable active ingredients, excipients, and solid dosage forms, such as tables and capsules.

During the October 2014 launch, Marc Martens, spokesman for Curtec International, says in a blog post the line was set to be expanded with the 20- and 30-gallon drums, with the 30-gallon being the largest capacity in the entire company’s packaging range 

“The driving force behind the development of the Nestable Drums product range was Merck/MSD,” Martens tells PMP News. “They were looking for a way to make their bulk tablet shipments more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.”

Merck ships tablets in bulk between production sites across the world, and sometimes drums travel between sites empty, according to Martens. 

“To reduce the cost of shipping empty containers, we created a tapered Total Packaging Drum,” he says. “They are able to reuse this high-quality Nestable Drum many times, which makes it a sustainable packaging solution.”

The drums began with a 10-gallon version designed for the needs of Merck, but were later asked to design smaller versions for products with a higher density, Martens says, as well as the larger versions for products with a lower density, like flakes and lightweight powders.

The primary pharma functions of the XL Nestable Drums are protection against moisture ingress, protection against tampering, optic cleanliness, and robust construction.

“CurTec also facilitates the industry by registering all packaging products in our Drug Master File,” Martens adds. “We also comply with the latest migration legislation. Our quality assurance program is much appreciated by the industry.”

Click here to watch the video produced for the XL Nestable Drums launch.

“Nestable drums not only allow a shipping cost reduction of up to 30 percent, they also help reduce the carbon footprint of a supply chain because less energy is need to ship, which results in lower pollution,” Martens says. “Add that our drums can be used many times more than cardboard boxes, fiber, and metal drums and you have a sustainable solution.”

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