What’s On-Trend for Ecommerce Packaging Today?

Will computers replace packaging designers when it comes to creating effective packs for ecommerce shipping? We talk about that, and other vital ecomm stuff, in this fast-moving podcast.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

June 24, 2021

1 Min Read
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Even before Amazon announced its newest Frustration Free Packaging Incentive Program, packaging development for the ecommerce channel was in high gear. But there have been significant shifts in ecommerce packaging the last couple years that were somewhat intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in April 2021, I had the tables turned on me as I became the interviewee instead of the interviewer. George Reid invited me as a guest for his podcast, It’s Always Day One. Reid is a former Amazonian turned Amazon consultant. For his podcast, he talks with consultants, brand owners, agencies, and Amazon employees to get answers to basic, yet fundamental questions listeners should be asking about for their Amazon business.

For 49 minutes, we talked about a lot of ecommerce packaging trends, including (in Reid’s words):

• How you can make your packaging sustainable in a world that has suddenly started caring about it, particularly since COVID-19.
• Why Amazon rewards brands that package products well and how to ensure you get yours.
• The four-step experience customers have with your packaging and what to think about within each step to significantly improve how your customers think about you as a brand.
• How AI (artificial intelligence) could be changing the face of how we design packaging and whether it’ll ever be able to replace designers.

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With Reid’s permission, here is our conversation, posted on April 20, 2021:


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