5 Innovations That Could End Plastic Packaging Waste

Solutions to a big problem may be found in tiny things, such as barriers using nanotechnology or miniscule magnetics, or even in common materials such as wood.

March 18, 2021

This short video was created by the EcoMastery Project out of Canada, which serves as “a going green guide,” according to the website.

There’s poetic license in declaring that these ideas could end plastic waste, but what you will find are an impressive 5-item roundup of intriguing innovations in development that show promise and could make a dent.

These include several barrier alternatives including nanotechnology and tiny magnetic platelets that eliminate multilayer structures to permit single-material post-use recycling as well as alternative options for compostable packaging including one that taps a highly common resource, cellulose made from wood

It also references sources and research groups. All told, this makes it well-worth the 2+ minutes’ run time.

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