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November 16, 2017

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A ‘green’ sweep in October

Sustainable packaging trends—along with a unique package for new Green Giant frozen veggies—scored high last month with our online global audience of packaging professionals. All of our top five articles in October 2017, based on page views at, share an element of green.

Working our way to #1, we start our list with…


#5. “Rethinking premium packaging from a recycling viewpoint

Premium products often use upscale, elaborate and excessive packaging that is often unrecyclable—creating a disturbing amount of waste. But sustainability leader Tom Szaky reminds us that packaging can—and should—say “special” in sustainable ways, too.

“Innovating out of the box with packaging that is both impressive and recyclable reduces waste and creates value by standing out from competitors,” he says. Just look at his examples of how Puma and Boxed Water differentiated their brands by designing sustainability in (click article link above).

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#4. “How the 4th industrial revolution will impact packaging, part 2

After logically laying out how the fourth industrial revolution will impact packaging in part 1, Sustainable Packaging Coalition senior manager Kelly Cramer itemizes seven ideas in part 2 on how packaging people can adjust to what might well be the new normal.

1. Reconsider the context and friction of your packaging.

2. Note how Amazon is disrupting the new context and friction of packaging.

3. Embrace collaboration.

4. Invest in data acquisition and analysis.

5. Minimize distractions.

6. Equip packaging and sustainability professionals with the right skills and information.

7. Change attitudes and the way decisions get made.

Her analysis and advice benefits nearly everyone involved in packaging. Definitely worth the read! (click the headline link above to read the entire article)

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#3. “Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

It’s no surprise that articles about sustainability do so well with packaging executives and engineers, developers and designers…92% of respondents to Packaging Digest’s 2017 Sustainable Packaging Study say sustainable packaging has never been more important.

That is just one insight of many in the 34-page report, which you can download for free when you click on the article headline above.

Done in partnership with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the report contains more than 30 charts and six sections:

Part 1: Sustainable Packaging Education

Part 2: Sustainable Packaging Sourcing

Part 3: Recycled-Content Packaging

Part 4: General Sustainability for Packaging

Part 5: 10-Year Surprises

Part 6: Respondent Demographics

(If this article looks familiar, you may recall seeing it in the #4 spot of top five articles from September 2017.)

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#2. “What ecommerce packaging is going to look like in 2018

Sustainability—through the use of sustainable and/or reusable materials—is one of five up-and-coming ecommerce packaging trends brand marketing consultant and freelance writer Victoria Greene (ha!) tells us to look out for in the coming year. Her other four ecommerce trends are:

1. Frustration-free CPEX (Customer Packaging Experience), courtesy of ecommerce titan Amazon.

2. Unique design features, functional or purely decorative, to also enhance the user experience.

3. Big Data design optimization, which could help with organization and efficiency in large fulfillment warehouses.

4. Personalized packaging, to improve the brand’s relationship with consumers.

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#1. “Green Giant creates new twist on microwavable packaging

As a consumer, I can’t wait for Green Giant’s new Veggie Spirals to show up at my grocery store. Its convenient heat-and-serve format makes it easy to eat healthy, something many consumers desire (including me!). The PrimaPak semi-rigid rectangular packaging, which is made on a form-fill-seal machine, also acts as a bowl and can replace bags or cartons traditionally used for microwavable frozen foods.

As our top article of October 2017, it looks like a lot of packaging professionals share my interest. Sure, this is a different kind of “green” but it’s just as compelling. Learn more by clicking the article link above.


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