No. 2 Pouch can be recycled with shopping bags

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No. 2 Pouch can be recycled with shopping bags



Ampac No 2 pouch

The No. 2 Pouch, a stand-up pouch from Ampac with excellent stiffness and strength characteristics, can also be recycled with retail shopping bags.

This newest innovation is the first non-laminated stand-up pouch produced by Ampac. The pouch is predominantly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allowing it to be labeled with the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) number 2 triangle. 

Responding to requests for more environmentally friendly packaging materials, Ampac created the No. 2 Pouch to be more compatible with existing post-consumer recycled waste streams. The No. 2 Pouch provides customers with a stand-up pouch alternative that has a greater potential for recycling as compared to traditional laminated stand-up pouches. When clean and dry, the No. 2 Pouch can be recycled with plastic retail shopping bags collected at many stores across the U.S.

The No. 2 Pouch is approved by Trex Co., which processes 70 percent of all recycled plastic bags collected in the U.S. to create Trex decking and railing products. Consumers could recycle clean, dry No. 2 Pouches at retail shopping bag collection stations which can in-turn build repeat business by directing consumers to recycle No. 2 Pouches at in-store collection sites. Ampac is also developing the LDPE No. 4 Pouch.

In addition to recyclability, the No. 2 Pouch provides a high barrier to moisture and excellent puncture resistance for greater product protection. Along with a lower cost compared to laminated stand-up pouches, the No. 2 Pouch can be printed using high-definition graphics which improves billboard visibility and shelf impact with a higher resolution, improved screening and greater color range. 

Ampac's director of innovation Sal Pellingra says, "The benefits of the No. 2 Pouch provide an opportunity to increase sales and meet sustainable goals by providing a recycling option for flexible packaging that was previously not available."


Jim Pugh, Ampac's market development manager, adds, "Increasingly, Ampac's customers are requesting packaging materials that have an environmental story that will enhance their brand's image. The No. 2 Pouch has a positive story to tell."


Source: Ampac



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