Packaging Possibilities: Future Thrills Loom for Reusable Packaging

No longer the red-headed stepchild of sustainable packaging, reusable packages shine in the spotlight now. As well they should. They’ve earned it. But it’s just the beginning of awesome.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

March 10, 2021

1 Min Read
The newest version of the Replenish reusable, refillable container system, out soon!, gives consumers control to customize their own product mix.Photo supplied by Replenish

The reusable packaging movement is still in its infancy, says Jason Foster, founder of Replenish, but it’s poised to soar as American consumers warm to the experience, and embrace the environmental and economic benefits.

In this episode of Packaging Possibilities, Foster and I talk about trends in reusable primary packaging and then look ahead to a more personalized, expressionable future.

We explore …

• What has changed with consumers, retailers, and brands to where reusable packages are being seriously considered as a viable option in a company’s sustainable packaging strategy, along with reduce and recycle?

• What are some challenges still of reusable packaging and why?

• How has the growth of ecommerce shipping, especially during this pandemic, made a difference and why?

• What’s next for reusable packages in general? What’s next for the Replenish container system?



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Lisa McTigue Pierce

Executive Editor, Packaging Digest

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