Sustainable packaging: Odwalla will transition to 100% PlantBottle packaging

David Bellm

January 30, 2014

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Sustainable packaging: Odwalla will transition to 100% PlantBottle packaging
Odwalla PlantBottle


Odwalla PlantBottle

Natural health beverage company Odwalla announced its plans to transition all of the brand’s single-serve bottles to PlantBottle packaging, HDPE made of up to 100-percent plant-based materials and 100 percent recyclable, in March 2011.

The new Odwalla package will help to reduce dependence on nonrenewable resources, says the company. For example, the potential annual CO2 emission reduction from the use of plant-based material, instead of petroleum, to make Odwalla’s PlantBottle packaging is equal to a savings of almost 400,000 gallons of gas.

“Plants do such a good job of making our juice, Odwalla hired them to help make our bottles,” said Alison Lewis, President, Odwalla. “Doing good things for the community and building a business with heart are core guiding principles of Odwalla’s vision. PlantBottle packaging is just the latest step in our continued commitment to the environment.”

Combined with Odwalla’s Plant A Tree Program, which has planted over 300,000 trees in the last three years, and Odwalla’s Bloom Energy Fuel Cell technology commencing at Odwalla’s plant in Dinuba, CA – which reduces the plant’s carbon footprint by 35 percent while supplying 30 percent of the plant’s energy needs— PlantBottle packaging is the latest step in Odwalla’s efforts and innovations to reduce dependence on nonrenewable resources.

PlantBottle packaging consists of material derived from molasses and sugarcane juice. It has the same performance as traditional HDPE and PET bottles, says the company -- no differences in shelf life, weight, composition or appearance. PlantBottle HDPE can be recycled again and again in today’s recycling facilities. The redesigned plastic represents a significant step in our sustainability efforts and in protecting the planet.

SOURCE: Odwalla


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