Sustainable packaging: Replenish introduces reusable-bottle household cleaning product

David Bellm

January 30, 2014

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Sustainable packaging: Replenish introduces reusable-bottle household cleaning product



Sustainable products company Replenish is unveiling its flagship product: a patented, Reusable Concentrate Mixing and Delivery System designed to change the way household cleaners are packaged and consumed. Now available for purchase on with free shipping, Replenish is an eco-friendly, multi-surface, ultra-concentrated household cleaner that is easy to use, saves money, and is safer for the environment, says the company.

Replenish for a Healthier Planet
Of the 60 billion pounds of plastic discarded annually, only seven percent is recycled.  Consequently, in spite of good intentions, recycling doesn't go far enough says Replenish. The company believes that the ultimate sustainability strategy is to create better-made products that are designed to be reused as well as recycled, keeping billions of pounds of plastic and chemicals out of landfills, oceans and air, while reducing greenhouse gases.  Replenish says it has achieved this with a product that is not only reusable but is also made of 100-percent recyclable materials.

In addition, Replenish believes in the idea of Mix Local -- using water from local sources to mix your own cleaner at home, unlike other cleaning formulas that are pre-mixed at a factory. This simple act keeps delivery trucks off the roads and bottles out of landfills.

"Recycling is good for the environment – but it's just not good enough.  We need to get to reuse.  By creating more sustainable products, we can help change our throw-away, disposable culture," said Jason Foster, Founder and CEO of Replenish.  "We hope to bring Replenish's innovative design to all forms of household liquids, and in turn inspire a reuse revolution with smart, sustainable products for happier homes and a healthier planet."

A Better Cleaner in a Smarter Bottle
Replenish’s all-in-one bottle allows consumers to measure, mix with water, store and spray powerful cleaners using replaceable Concentrate Pods. Using the built-in measuring cup, each Concentrate Pod makes four bottles (64 ounces diluted ounces) of powerful, nose-perking fresh cleaner with no pouring, no mess and much less waste.

With Replenish's Reusable Bottle System, users simply flip the bottle upside down and squeeze the Concentrate Pod until the measuring cup is full, mix in their own water, and clean. When the Concentrate Pod runs out, users can buy a replacement, which comes in three different fresh scents:  Sun Lemon, Fresh Lavender and Green Tea. With Replenish, you replace the Concentrate Pod, not the bottle.

SOURCE: Replenish


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