The Incredible Ooho Water ‘Bottle’ Is Edible

Edible water pod packaging made from seaweed is reportedly being tested as a ketchup packet.

January 14, 2021

There’s a school of thought that the most source-reduced, minimalist packaging is the kind you can eat, i.e., edible packaging, a concept that's been around for a while. It's also the idea behind the Ooho “water bottle” that’s not a bottle at all, the water is packaged within an edible film membrane made from renewable, fast-growing seaweed.

You can either eat it package and all — which is the optimum, most efficient way to dispose of it, especially if you don’t mind a “chewy, crunchy texture” — or if discarded the membrane will biodegrade in a few weeks.

One of the suggested uses is for marathons or other long-distance running events that typically see athletes dropping plastic bottles where convenient. Granted, they’re going to have to drink (or is that eat?) several of the pods to match a bottle’s volume.

A sampling of the mixed review comments that were posted about the video:

  • “Super cool. Although it's clear that the use case for these isn't for all events needing water, I'm sure there are situations in which this idea will shine.”

  • “How about filling a glass, or similar reusable vessel, with tap water?”

  • “Yeah but how many do you have to eat to equal a bottle of water. And won’t these be sold or need to be carried in plastic bags. You can’t just walk around with a handful of these equivalent to a bottle of water. And what about Covid. You would have [to] sell these in a plastic bag so they aren’t contaminated. I have a feeling you can’t wash them if you buy them in bulk and use your own bag. You would have to use plastic anyway.”

  • “Will it comes [sic] with cola?”

More importantly, what do you think?

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