Walmart Now Delivers Branded Products in Loop Reusable Containers

In select Arkansas cities, online Walmart shoppers can order food and household products from leading brands in durable, reusable packaging for home delivery.

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October 10, 2022

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Online Walmart shoppers can buy various Loop foods and household products, including these pictured, for home delivery.Image courtesy of Loop

Walmart’s InHome grocery delivery service is now offering products developed for Loop — the circular reuse platform developed by TerraCycle — in select cities. Beginning October 10, 2022, customers in the metro areas of Bentonville and Rogers in Arkansas can purchase a limited assortment of products in refillable, reusable containers and have them delivered to their home through Walmart+ InHome.

The new Loop assortment includes a combination of well-known food and household products from a range of brands, including Gillette, Clorox, Cascade, Kraft Heinz, Seventh Generation, and Love Beauty and Planet, with more brands being added to the Loop product portfolio in the coming months. 

Walmart+ InHome allows customers to have fresh groceries, everyday essentials, and more delivered to the location of their choice: from dropped off at their doorstop, to unpacked directly into their kitchen or garage refrigerators, all done by highly trained Walmart associates. For customers looking to try out this ultra-convenient and highly personalized service — all while enjoying the added benefit of Loop — they can visit to sign up for a 30-day free trial today.

“Identifying models that can make shopping easy, convenient, affordable and sustainable is a core part of how we pursue our commitment to becoming a regenerative business at Walmart. By leaning into reuse with Loop and so many of our brand partners, we see a unique opportunity to help our customers eliminate packaging and single use plastic from many of their regular purchases,” says Corey Bender, Vice President, Merchandising for Household Essentials, Walmart US.

Loop is one of the first platforms to partner with brands and retailers to offer consumers a way to go from single-use packaging to one that is reusable. After consumers use the products, they place the empty containers in a designated spot inside or outside their home for a Walmart associate to retrieve them. From there, the containers are sent to Loop to be sanitized, then returned to participating brands to be refilled and returned to the store for future purchase.

“Loop was designed from the ground-up to reinvent the way we consume by learning from historic circular and sustainable models, while honoring the convenience afforded by our single-use consumption of today,” says Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of Loop and TerraCycle. “Walmart and Loop have come together to create a simple and convenient way to enjoy a range of products, customized in brand-specific reusable packaging, with the convenience of in-home delivery.”

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