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Taking a Consumer Product to the Level of Fine Art

The bottle of the latest version of the exclusive FlowerbyKenzo fragrance is capped by an ingenious, high resolution flower image captured by Rexam via the latest in tampo printing technology.
The tampo printing process transfers the ink from an etched printing plate to any kind of surface using a silicone rubber pad. The main advantage of this method of printing is its ability to print on virtually any kind of irregular surface. It is used to print plastics, metals and ceramics. Constant refinement of this process, which in the case of FlowerByKenzo involves precise registration of the four colours, has resulted in a fragrance closure that showcases new levels of photographic realism with beautiful contrast and depth.

Rexam delivered an image resolution of 200 dpi, 25 percent finer than the standard tampo printing process, for optimal realism and shelf appeal. The cap is injection moulded and decorated by Rexam’s Center of Excellence in Simandre, France, using Surlyn, preferred by Kenzo’s marketing team for its transparency and fragrance compatibility properties.

Surlyn is a commercial thermoplastic ionomer resin that was introduced by DuPont in the early 1960’s. Moulded goods made with Surlyn are virtually unbreakable, and offer unusual design freedom, combining toughness, clarity and chemical resistance. It is one of the materials most favoured by designers, for complicated and bold designs.

The cardboard packaging, converted and printed by Autajon France, for the new FlowerbyKenzo scent, is made from 345 g/m2 Munken Print White, a board in Arctic Paper’s Munken range. Munken Print White has a unique natural surface which was chosen to enhance the packaging’s natural, artistic feel.

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