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March 11, 2015

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Beverage packaging: Napa Technology introduces high-capacity WineStation for hospitality industry

The latest cultural shift in wine service does not actually come from the bottle, or even a cask, but rather from a keg. Call it the next revolution in the wine industry; wine aseptically packaged by the keg. For years, numerous techniques have been explored in the name of developing a more expansive wine-by-the-glass list.

Wines-on-tap has become a convenient way to offer a broad wine selection to meet diverse customer tastes, along with food and wine pairing needs.

To respond to this new dispensing technique, Napa Technology in association with KDM Global Partners, has introduced an innovative pouring solution for wine keg dispensing built on WineStation’s 60 day preservation, precise pour volume size selection and temperature control.

“We saw the growth in this category and quickly adapted the technology to service the issue,” said Morris Taradalsky, Vice President of Engineering and Support. “The WineStation Clean-Pour dispensing head is the pivotal component in adaptation and solution to this growing industry need.”

The technology behind the Clean-Pour dispensing head, allows for wine to be preserved for a period of 60 days, utilizing an argon gas based system. Napa Technology can now provide this same revolutionary component to wine keg service. Wines dispensed from the keg will continue to be perfectly preserved, accurately poured and temperate controlled through WineStation.

“KDM Global Partners is pleased to be working with Napa Technology in the dispensing of our branded and private label wines by the glass, whether from traditional 750ml bottle or by the keg to meet both limited and high volume service requirements that today’s hospitality providers desire,” said Jonathan Gelula, President of KDM Global Partners.

“This was just the natural next step for Napa Technology,” says Nick Moezidis Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We designed this product to meet a multitude of challenges facing the hospitality industry and believe this takes us one step further in leveraging the playing field for our customers.”

SOURCE: WineStation, Napa Technology, KDM Global Partners


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