Food packaging: Kangaroo Brands introduces tamper-evident bread packages

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Food packaging: Kangaroo Brands introduces tamper-evident bread packages
Kangaroo Bread


Kangaroo Bread

Kangaroo Brands is once again leading in grocery-deli innovation with its specialty breads. New packaging has a family look along with tamper-evident, re-sealable packages to preserve freshness. Kangaroo also reformulated all of its breads to have a 14-day shelf life.

With the new tagline, "We bake really good stuff," VP and Owner George Kashou explains, "We are a wholesome family bakery that tries harder, always does its best, strives for consistent quality, offers the best value for the money and will only sell healthy food it is truly proud to put its name on."

The Kangaroo bread line includes whole and pre-cut Pita Pocket Bread, Flatbread and pre-opened Sandwich Pockets and Salad Pockets ®. They are the original thin bread that are the perfect and contemporary tie-in partner for deli-style chicken, tuna and ham salads - less bread, less mess. The bright white package mirrors the breads' clean ingredient list and the tamper-evident, re-sealable bags keep the product fresher, longer without adding bad stuff.

"The new packaging and extended shelf life equates to less waste for deli managers and consumers alike," says Kashou. Look out for new varieties of bread to hit the shelves this fall.

SOURCE: Kangaroo Brands


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