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Glass Maker Offers a Modern Take on an Ancient Material

Ardagh shows viewers how it produces glass containers, from melting cullet to readying finished containers for shipping.

This short video from Ardagh Glass Packaging provides a close-up view of glass production, emphasizing the endlessly recyclable nature of glass.

Recycled glass cullet is Ardagh’s main raw material, in addition to sand, soda ash, limestone, and dolomite. The company melts the raw materials into liquid glass, feeds the liquid to the forehearth, and then cuts the molten glass into gobs.

The gobs are rapidly shot to forming machines that shape the glass in two stages. First, the closure is formed, and then the container’s shape is revealed.

Next, the glass containers are annealed, reheated, and gradually cooled prior to coating and inspection. Finally, the containers are palletized in bulk or packed in cartons, ready for transport to customers.

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