Packaging by the Numbers 2Q23

Eight packaging market reports for medical device packaging, sugarcane packaging, glass packaging, HPP equipment, active packaging, p-s labels, and two more categories are featured in this gallery.

August 21, 2023

8 Slides

You can name any topic or category and there’s likely a market report on it.

In fact, there’s far more packaging and related studies released through various outlets and media than Packaging Digest could possibly begin to bring to your attention…until now.

That’s why we’ve introduced Packaging by the Numbers, a growing slideshow of new packaging market studies. Each report is presented in an easy-to read format. You’ll find useful information found in fresh news releases that range from packaging containers and materials to machinery and automation. 

The research firms often identify key trends in the market of interest in additional to more insights.  This gallery archives the Packaging by The Numbers content for the period April through June 2023 aka 2Q23 for the eight packaging sectors and markets listed below.

The "live" stream is found using this link. Note: The 1Q23 Numbers content for 9 market study reports posted from January through March 2023 can be found here.

Reports center on a global market unless otherwise noted. CAGR is the acronym for compound annual growth rate.

Medical Device Packaging

Sugarcane Packaging

Glass Packaging

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) Equipment

Luxury Packaging

Sterile Medical Packaging

Active Packaging

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

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