Packaging Professionals React to New Business Trends

Diverse topics — such as food label changes and medical device sterilization improvements — reflect a broad interest in early 2021 among our equally varied audience for subjects that matter to them.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

March 3, 2021

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Each month, we look back at the previous month to see what articles got the most page views as a clue to what topics matter to our readers. Surprisingly, a lot of times, there’s an underlying cohesiveness to the theme — sustainability, for example. Other times, the best-read items reflect topics as wide-ranging as our audience demographics.

The latter is what we see as we review articles from February 2021, as the specialized topic of medical packaging sterilization ranks up there with food packaging, sustainability, and general business trends that impact on packaging.

In reverse order, we present the top five news and insights our community found most helpful last month:


5. Packaging Possibilities: 3 Macro Trends to Learn and Leverage

A look at macro trends in trucking, IT, and banking reveals areas where minor packaging shifts could make major contributions to a company’s profitability in what will be a difficult year financially.

In this 12-minute podcast, we look at these three big-picture business trends — and present a trio of efficiencies to consider for your 2021 packaging strategies.



4. How Antimicrobial Nanotubes in Packaging Can Revolutionize Food Safety

Nanoencapsulation of natural or synthetic antimicrobial agents into food packaging can help ensure the product is safe for consumption. The technology also helps extend shelf life and reduce food waste cost effectively and safely for humans and the environment.


3. Packaging Operations, Meet Industry 5.0

Industrial upcycling will help save us from drowning in waste, says this zero-waste ambassador. How can your sustainable packaging efforts contribute?



2. Medical Device Makers See Progress in EO Sterilization

Medical device manufacturers and contract sterilizers are working with regulators to reduce ethylene oxide (EO) emissions and develop alternative sterilization methods, while assuring product availability.



1. Could Mexico’s New Warning Labels Trigger Labeling Laws Elsewhere?

Required front-of-pack (FOP) declarations on all prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages sold in Mexico could inspire Latin American or other countries to establish their own labeling regulations as well.

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Executive Editor, Packaging Digest

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