Jan Stollerman

Packaging Center of Excellence Subject Matter Expert, Tag Americas

As the subject matter expert for Tag Americas Packaging Center of Excellence, Jan Stollerman is an experienced and recognized leader in marketing, packaging, and packaging artwork, trailblazing the way in innovation and proven strategies for global brands’ packaging and marketing initiatives.

In addition to spearheading all-things packaging at Tag, Stollerman has worked alongside notable brands such as Haleon, GSK, Novartis, L’Oréal, Colgate Palmolive, Citi, and others, ensuring swift, efficient, and at-scale deliverables.

Prior to Tag, he was Sr. Vice-President, Global Accounts, at SGS & Co. for more than 20 years. Notable achievements include being the pioneer for “Seeing AI” created for the visually impaired and leading the groundbreaking “Holy Grail 2.0” Track and Trace test initiative for packaging’s sustainable recycling.

You can reach out to Tag or email Jan Stollerman with your connected packaging questions.

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