Jessie Schwartz

Founder, Strategic Packaging Partners (SPP)

Jessie Schwartz is the founder of Strategic Packaging Partners (SPP). The consultancy’s focus lies in optimizing packaging to drive savings and eliminate manufacturing complexities. With more than a decade honed at General Mills, Schwartz brings a wealth of expertise in cost-saving strategies and manufacturing streamlining. A proud alumnus of Michigan State University, she blends academic rigor with practical acumen.

SPP doesn’t stop at packaging optimization — though it excels in it. Whether you need project management, CAD expertise, or sustainable initiatives, consider it handled. The SPP team is both adaptable and resourceful, ready to meet your business needs head-on. From fiscal efficiency to environmental stewardship, SPP stands poised to assist. Together, you can collaboratively shape the future of packaging, with professionalism guiding your every step.

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