4 versatile baggers ease the conversion to flexible packaging

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

January 19, 2017

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4 versatile baggers ease the conversion to flexible packaging

With flexible packaging continuing to encroach into more product categories and new markets, packaging professionals need bagging systems that help optimize the packaging process. Here are four different style baggers you might not have seen yet. They will be on display at the upcoming Pack Expo Las Vegas show (Sept. 28-30; Las Vegas).

1. High-speed vertical form-fill-sealer

The new SVE 2520 DZ Doy Zip bagger (shown above) touts a record speed of 100 bags per minute. The continuous-motion system gives food manufacturers high production efficiency with low footprint requirements. At just six square meters (about 20 x 20 feet), the SVE 2520 DZ uses about one third the space of an equivalent horizontal form-fill-seal system and, the company claims, produces 50% more per square meter compared to other vertical baggers. Changeover, including to other bag styles—such as pillow, gusseted and four-corner sealed, as well as various reclosure options—can be done in as little as 45 minutes.

Bosch Packaging Technology, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2800

Next: Semi-automatic bag/pouch sealer 


2. Bag/pouch sealer

This versatile semi-automatic bag/pouch sealer allows you to add multiple consumer convenience features to your packaging without complicating your production line. The VCBSDM ET Model conveyorized band sealer has an extended sealing throat to create a 1/4-inch wide seal (without trim) between a handle cutout and a reclosable zipper on pouches. Height adjustments for the continuous-band sealer are quickly done via a crank handle, and conveyor speeds vary up to 640 inches (45 feet) per minute.

All Packaging Machinery Corp., Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-3625

Next, an "enhanced" vertical bagger


3. Updated vertical baggers

The Bagmaster F series is now available with enhanced controls from B&R Industrial Automation for easy operation. The flat-web-style vertical bagger accommodates 20-inch diameter rolls on 3-inch cores to package products as diverse as hardware, pharmaceuticals, toys and electrical items. The new intermittent-motion F-250 bagger will showcase its servo-drive belts and horizontal and vertical jaws.

Batching Systems Inc., Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2230

B&R Industrial Automation, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth S-5956

Last but not least, highly flexible sachet system


4. Four-side seal sachet system

The Flexibag Si-500 sachet machine has flexibility in its DNA: It produces various sachet sizes and shapes (including attractive contoured end seals and consumer convenient easy-open tear slits), as well as handles a range of products (such as liquids, pastes, powders, tablets and granular items). The stainless steel system runs at up to 1,400 packs per minute, depending on sachet size and film configuration, which could be a single- or two-roll format (with front/back registration). Allen-Bradley PLC, drives and touchscreens are standard, as is integrated date coding. Clean-in-place (CIP) capability is an option.

Hassia-Redatron USA, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2625

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