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December 22, 2015

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Top 4 personal care packaging concepts of 2015

When it comes to beauty and personal care packaging, looks really matter. But so does functionality and added value. Could that be why these articles scored so well with the Packaging Digest audience in 2015?

The four leading articles of the year, based on page views, are presented here in reverse order with…

#4. Thermochromic self-heating tubes (see photo above), a rigid box that plays audio and a 100% paperboard lipstick/lip balm container were “3 new packaging concepts for health and beauty aids” that you probably didn’t see until they were on display at the Luxe Pack 2015 show and written about on

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#3. Several packaging concepts have been featured on the ABC hit show “Shark Tank” over the years. I took particular interest in the Balm Chicky Balm Balm episode, though, because I had covered the creation of the packaging back in 2011. It’s a unique idea of putting a small amount of lip balm at the other end of the tube for those times when a friend asks to borrow your balm, and you don’t want them contaminating your balm with their germs.

Find out if these entrepreneurs got the boost they were hoping for.

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#2. Day-time and night-time moisturizing creams lend themselves to white and black packaging—it’s a natural and obvious connection. The new packaging for Nerium’s age-defying skincare products started the design process there—and then kept going, with shapely containers, color coding, airless pumps and elegant cartons. The end result reflects the promise of beauty within the package, while still connecting to the brand’s strong laboratory-developed-and-tested image.

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#1. Gillette surveyed its customers and discovered that most shave-gel packages annoy American men in three specific ways. So it set about improving the aerosol can for its Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel Plus Skin Care to remove the causes of their frustration. The packaging got a lot of attention—obviously, if it’s at the top of the list—but some of that is due to its appearance in a second article that, well, isn’t really where you would want your packaging to be: 5 new packages suffer crushing criticism.


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