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Dwain L. Sparks

Dwain L. Sparks is profoundly vested in container closure systems and component testing and qualification. He spent the last 13 years of his pharmaceutical career in packaging development. After retiring in 2014, Sparks became an active consultant and employee of repackaging and packaging manufacturing companies. During the past six years, Sparks has collaborated with testing labs, globally. He has also delivered presentations to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), and an industry conference. He was the lead on-site author of four Master Files for packaging systems and has developed numerous test methods, including collaborative efforts to design packaging testing equipment. He now turns his attention to helping ensure this new USP method gains its rightful place as the global “gold” standard for water-vapor transmission rate (WVTR) determinations of single-unit and multiple-unit container closure systems.

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