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Packaging Design

Best in New Food and Beverage Packaging August 2022

Image courtesy of Bud Light Bud_Light_NFL-Football-Packaging_teams-1540x800.png
Bud Light's NFL lineup, Tetra Pak advances, Idahoan's redesign, disappearing bottle, Lay's snack mashup, Johnnie Walkers' Blue Cities of the Future, powdered ketchup.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them from August 2022, which include Bud Light's NFL lineup, Tetra Pak advances, Idahoan's redesign, disappearing bottle, reverse vending in school, Lay's snack mashup, anew push to remove “best before” date, Johnnie Walkers' Blue Cities of the Future, powdered ketchup, amd much more. For the latest bests in New Food and Beverage Packaging, click here.

Bud Light introduces 2022 NFL teams beer-can lineup.

RFID tags embedded in foodservice packaging for events.

Research: edible coating increases the shelf life of produce.

Reverse vending goes to school.

98 Distillery in Florida launching Half Shell Vodka in Frugal Bottle.

Harvest Snaps snacks tap TikTok via QR code to engage US college students.

New push to remove “best before” dates.

Can label for distillery’s ready-to-drink cocktail made using 5% apple waste.

Tetra Pak reports advances in sustainable packaging and more.

Stunning rice wine packaging.

Diageo rice whiskey has variable information on every bottle label, thanks to HP Indigo digital printing.

Research: edible food packaging.

Benefits of reclosable, flexible food packaging.

Idahoan Mashed Potato Cups redesign connects with consumers.

Sustainable food packaging is taking over the films market.

Banza Masterpiece’zas pasta inspires kids to create and eat.

USDA R&D developing single-use biodegradable containers.

The disappearing bottle trick: it decomposes when empty.

The new higher-temperature cPET packaging is made from 70%+ recycled PET with “additional virgin plastic” required for structural reasons.

New Stella Artois beer packaging testing in Europe.

STRAP technology to recycle flexible multi- and mono-layer packaging to food grade resins.

Food-grade rPET from post-consumer trays.

Lay’s limited-edition snack mashup lineup arrives.

Johnnie Walkers releases Blue Cities of the Future design series.

Coca-Cola Beverages installs GPI’s plastic-film eliminating KeelClip multipack machine.

Breakthrough in paper packaging for frozen foods, in Iceland of course.

Food brand applications and insights for Tipa’s compostable flexibles.

Using cheese whey to add value to film packaging.

McDonald's take-out packaging turns into a table. Clever or excessive waste?

Did you know there was a powdered ketchup brand?

General Mills’ pet food packaging is AmeriStar Best in Show.

Bahlsen redesigns confectionery’s packaging.

Eco Win Pack’s beautiful, clever design.

New biodegradable biopolymer nanocomposite can monitor packaged food freshness.

PPG’s enhanced BPA-free coatings for aluminum beverage cans.

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