Coca-Cola previews 100% bio-based PlantBottle 2.0

By Packaging Digest Staff in Sustainable Packaging on April 20, 2015

The Coca-Cola Co. has long been a leader in the field of bio-based packaging, starting in 2009 when it introduced its first PlantBottle. The company continues to roll out this technology with the ultimate goal of using PlantBottle technology for its entire virgin PET supply by 2020, said Klaus Stadler at the Eighth International Conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, Germany. Stadler is responsible for the environmental sustainability agenda in Coca-Cola's European Business Group.


"A recycling component is necessary, to address the problem of littering, next using bioplastic,” said Stadler. “That's a responsible approach. We're aiming for a future in which no more oil-based materials will be needed: We'll be using renewably sourced and recycled material, instead."


Coca-Cola currently uses PET that is 30% renewably sourced in many of its core brands and it is previewing what it calls the next generation of the PlantBottle. "We will be showing a 100% bio-based PlantBottle—what we call PlantBottle 2.0—at the upcoming Expo Milano 2015 [where Coca-Cola is the official soft drink partner of Expo Milano 2015]," said Stadler.


"We expect our PlantBottle technology to reach price parity with conventional PET by 2018," he added. "We need scale, but we've also entered into various partnerships to scale up the implementation of the technology."


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