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The first all-electric medical tray sealer is introduced

The first all-electric medical tray sealer is introduced

Atlas Vac Machine, LLC, Cincinnati, OH, will unveil the industry’s first medical tray sealer with an all-electric press at Pack Expo/Pharma Expo 2014 for total and precise control of dwell times and temperatures. 

The Atlas Vac electric press medical tray sealer is suitable for packaging of medical devices, medical disposables, pharmaceuticals and other precision packaging, which require validation of package sealing protocols to ensure package aesthetics and integrity. 

The servo-drive operation applies, measures and controls direct-force output far more accurately and with greater repeatability than pneumatic systems that control air pressure and attempt to equate it to downward force.  The resulting down-force “signature curve” reaches full down-force application quickly and is held extremely constant throughout the entire dwell time setting.  Packaging engineers can match the accuracy of dwell time and temperature controls with a down-force result unattainable by other systems. 

System highlights:

  • Available in single or dual shuttle configurations;
  • The operator can engage the entire sealing cycle with the push of a button rather than having both hands on the safety sensors;
  • A heavy heater section and a Teflon-coated seal platen distribute the thermal energy evenly, even in high-package cycling;
  • PLC controls are available from Mitsubishi or Allen-Bradley, with validation protocols, recipes, passwords, operator screens, alarms, data acquisition and other tools of the trade available in standard or custom configurations;
  • Safety is ensured using a light-curtain system that automatically detects any interference within it by ceasing motion until the unit is reset. 
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