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By Posted by Rick Lingle, Technical Editor in Case Packing Machinery on September 16, 2013

Delkor CabrioDelkor's patent-pending Cabrio Case is based on a conventional flange-seal case (FSC) that is formed with angled flaps that create a display which is open at the front with a higher wall at the back. The case is top-loaded and sealed. Once opened, it is tilted forward to display product on a shelf. The rear wall provides support for products presented in flexible packaging. This makes the Cabrio Case applicable for products that must be loaded flat for transit and then displayed upright.


Precuts on the front and sides of the cases allow easy tear-away of the case top, providing clean lines that enhance the display. Meanwhile, a tear strip is used on the back of the case, away from the customers' view. Sizes can be varied to match product dimensions or rows of product loaded into a case. In addition, the Cabrio Case has no perforations around the corners that could compromise the structural integrity of the container.


Employing a flange-seal case also may result in significant corrugated material savings of 10-20 percent versus an RSC or 34-53 percent versus tray/hood cases. In addition, RSCs must be preglued where the seams overlap, adding an additional machine step that increases costs. The Cabrio Case can be formed on the Delkor Trayfecta former and closed on Delkor F and S Series closers.


To view the Cabrio Case at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013 Sept. 23-25, visit Delkor at Booth C-3939.


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