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New equipment September 2012

Article-New equipment September 2012

Robotic palletizer The EC-201 has a palletizing capacity of 1,600 cycles per hour and a payload capacity of 440 lbs. The machine palletizes bags, cases, pails and more, and offers maximum flexibility with four axes, according to the company. The robotic palletizer has a lightweight arm that is said to use little energy and reduce stress on arm joins, bearings, pivot points and floor supports.
American-Newlong, 317-787-9421.

Package sealing The new FPA4500 ultrasonic pouch sealing system is intended to replace heat sealing stations on FFS machinery. According to the manufacturer, the pouch-sealing system enables users to improve seal strength and process reliability by a simple upgrade to ultrasonic technology.
Rinco Ultrasonics USA, 203-744-4500.

Ethernet gateway The new Ethernet gateway enables the use of MDrive serial products over Ethernet networks via EtherNet/IP and ModbusTCP protocols. Using a Windows-based TCP/IP Configuration Utility to set parameters and assembly object mapping, the MDrive products adhere to established protocol standards that enable networking of products from different manufacturers, without the need for special interface adaptation. As adapter class devices, these products are capable of explicit or implicit messaging.
Schneider Electric Motion USA, 860-295-6102.

Bag printer The new Optimizer-KR-GB bag printing system has a Kirk-Rudy side-entry staging conveyor and vacuum feeder integrated with the Optimizer-HF printer, a restacker and return conveyor providing near-continuous feeding and high-volume printing of kraft multi-wall gusset bags. The system accepts gusset bags from 12x18 in. up to 36x36 in. and can print up to 50 bags per minute.
Iconotech, 800-521-0194.

Printer/applicator The Model 252 integrates centerline modularity design to create an easily identifiable reference point for default calibration in product identification, the company says. It features a touchscreen user interface, a hot-swappable rewind motor module, a plasma-coated air assist tube that eliminates label sticking and an optional tamp module.
ID Technology, 888-438-3242.

Packaging line The Cama-SPS packaging line is made of a multi-Delta robotic loading system with capabilities to pick naked products from the production line and correctly position them in the continuous motion horizontal flow wrapper. The robotics system integrates up to four Delta Triaflex robots in a single loading unit, guided by an artificial vision system, and it reportedly guarantees automatic recognition of products according to type.

Cama USA, Inc., 847-607-8797.

Tray packing The TP-35 is now available for high-speed tray packing for aseptic brick boxes. The horizontal tray packer accumulates bundled bricks into proper pack patterns and loads the bricks from 125 mL to 250 mL into tray packs. TP-35 packs at speeds of up to 400 bricks per minute per line, in configurations of 1x3 up to 3x5. Schneider Packaging Equipment, 315-676-3035.

Camera The Iris GT smart camera has full-featured hardware, intuitive flowchart-based development environment, and field-proven vision tools. Video capture, analysis, location, measurement, reading, verification, communication and I/O operations, and a web-based operator interface are all set up within the single IDE, and the sturdy, dust-proof and washable IP67-rated casing can be used in a variety of applications.
Matrox Imaging, 800-804-6243.

Bagging system
The MAX 12 and MAX 20 continuous bagging systems automatically package products for any type of manufacturing facility. The new line integrates an optional Videojet DataFlex Plus thermal transfer printer, and all machines have an HMI embedded networkable touchscreen PC running Windows 7 plus an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC. The MAX 12 accommodates bags up to 12 in. wide; the MAX 20, up to 20 in. wide.
Sharp Packaging Systems, 800-634-6359.

Retort Using an agitated retort with a gentle horizontal reciprocating motion reportedly gives faster and more uniform heat transfer to microwaveable bowls and pouches, producing tastier products. This technology can be added to static retorts without a penalty in batch capacity, according to the maker.
Allpax, 888-893-9277.

Integrated module The Blister Express Center 500 is a double-lane, integrated blister and carton module less than 10 m in length. The module is designed to maximize efficiency and versatility, and is easy to operate, allows fast format changeovers and can process up to 500 blisters or cartons per minute. It is suitable for packaging medium-sized batches of standard solid-dose products using conventional forming materials. It is available in rotary or platen sealing.

Uhlmann Packaging Systems, 973-402-8855.

Pick and place The H-gantry and T-gantry combine the dynamic response of linear motor handling with the costs of a toothed belt. The T-gantry reportedly can achieve cycle times of 670 milliseconds. The H-gantry can be scaled to any stroke, has a low profile, low center of gravity and simpler frame than high-speed delta robots and it has an accuracy of 0.2 mm., according to the company.
Festo, 800-993-3786.

Linear motion The new Omega module features a low traveling mass to reach top speeds, and the belt drive fixed to both ends and looped around the drive shaft reduces the module's mass as compared to ball screw assemblies. A single-axis system, the Omega module comes with the necessary mechanical and electrical interfaces to fit with the modular EasyHandling system.
Bosch Rexroth Corp.,  800-739-7684.

Automatic sealers
Professional Series automatic sealers, designed for full-enclosed large or heavy products, come with a hot wire or hot knife seal head and feature a powered takeaway mesh conveyor for ease of product transport. Magnetic clamping and automatic cycle timing are said to ensure proper seal. Seal head dimensions range from 30 in. to 50 in. long and 50 to 100 in. wide.
Eastey Enterprises, 800-835-9344.

Robotic cell The Swing Machine now has a smaller footprint, and packs bags standing up or lying down into cases, crates and other secondary containers. The machine runs at up to 400 ppm with Smart-Bin collation, and up to 500 ppm with Smart-Trak collation, and is suitable for running cartons, stand-up pouches and pillow bags on the same machine with no effect on productivity, the company says.
BluePrint Automation, 804-520-5400.

Bacteria testing GreenLight instrumentation is available for dairy applications. The oxygen-depleting technology for measuring aerobic bacterial levels can provide results for raw milk between 30 minutes and five hours. These instruments are suitable for anyone involved in raw milk testing including dairies, cooperatives, laboratories and farmers, and vials can be batch loaded onto the 48-position carousel, or individually loaded at any time during the unit's "continuous" mode.
Mocon, Inc., 763-493-7228.

Incremental encoder The new EP5101 EtherCAT Box is an IP 67-rated I/O module for direct connection of incremental encoders with differential inputs. The optional interpolating micro-increments functionality and the moisture and dust-resistant EP5101 reportedly supply even more precise axis positions for dynamic axes. The machine measures 126x30x 26.5 mm, suitable for small spaces.
Beckhoff Automation LLC,  952-890-0000.

Auger filler The Sanitary Servo Drive auger filler prevents product corruption from outside sources by stopping contaminants from coming into contact with the material being filled. All mechanical connections are outside the product contact area of the machine, and all surfaces under or adjacent to the driving mechanism are readily accessible and the agitator blade and auger drive shaft may be efficiently removed for inspection and cleaning. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, 877-375-2121.

Wheel encoder The new MA20 is a two-in-one device combining a high-resolution optical incremental encoder and a highly precise measuring wheel. Capable of resolutions as high as 25,000 pulses per revolution, the encoder provides extremely precise measuring results even at very low conveyor speeds. A HEX switch allows selection from 16 predefined resolutions.
Baumer Ltd., 800-937-9336.

Case erector The 330HS case erector uses pneumatic case feed and erecting mechanisms that reportedly are forgiving when running warped or band-marked cases, or cases with poor manufacturers' joints or misaligned scores. It reportedly ensures square cases with the walking beam case transfer, providing positive case indexing and squaring. The servo-operated compression-sealing ram incorporates devices that square every case during compression to facilitate case packing and palletizing, the company says.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 800-237-5975.

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